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We all want the best for our children.

Born for Greatness

born for greatness, life

The little things that held the most to us.

born for greatness, life

Many parents save money for their children college, while they are young.  Then there are others who start to spend money on their children for training on dance, music, singing, and any other activities that could make them do well once they are gown.  We all want the best for the children of the future.  Each generation we expect to do more that the times prior.  A lot of parent have watched as their children grow, and become great at many things.  Some thing you vision as part of their future, and the other things come as unexpected.  We never can predict how great a child can become.

It good to think back to when we were young, there were some good parts, and times we will never forget.  The little things that held the most to us.We should not limit our own choices in life.  We should see the possibility for greatness in our life; make it a priority with we do for our own future.  We can see the potential in order that we wanted for ourselves.

Have you ever watched a child and thought, that kid is smart?   
We would want that success for our own children.  An image of all the great things that are possible can be thought of for the future of a child.  Someone may have thought the same thing about you at a young age. They may have seen all the possibilities that you to be Born for Greatness.  

There are some children who do well naturally even in school, they are the ones who do great on every test.  When the teacher asks for a volunteer there are some who seem to know the answer to all the questions.   There are the ones who will always do more to help others, even stay after to assist the teacher.  

It is not that they special, their greatness comes from the people they are.  Then there are the ones who just make better or more by choice, they too have the ability for greatness.   

A child prodigy would be considered to be born for greatness because they can pick up something right away, some kids can do the same.  Most of them have a natural ability to learn something that takes adult years to master, like a musical instrument or upper-level math.  Of course, most of us have to learn things the normal way, over time.  It does not exempt us from being as successful, because everyone gets a chance to do well; we just have to apply ourselves.  Greatness can be recognized in many ways. 

What are you great at?  What comes naturally for you?  

born for greatness, life

 Most people when they have children, they begin to think of the great things that they want for their child.  We all want the best for our kids.  They are the hopes and dreams of their parent.  Many interests a lot on them, from the moment they come into the world. We care for them as babies, and watch over them as they grow.  When your child does well, it can feel as if you have to do the same.  We see greatness in them, and show how special they are from the moment we bring them into this world. We provide for them, and watch them grow into the people that we want them to be.  They can hold many things that we are missing in our life.   

Many of us when we see the young we see they future, and with that  we want to see change.  As the years go by we want to see that same thing for ourselves.  You would get your hair cut or done and not expect to look different. 

Desires for the young.

born for greatness, life

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