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childhood memories

Do You Have A Box Filled of Memories

Childhood Memories

Taking the first steps as a child.

childhood memories


The laughter, playing, having fun, Those at the parts of being a child that we remember.  Childhood carries a lot of memories for everyone.  The smallest things, we remember from the past can bring us the biggest joy even today. 

When you are young, you depend on your parents for everything else that you may need in life. When you are a child you are only expect to do the things that children do. 

childhood memories
childhood memories

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Life is filled with memories starting when you are young. 

​When reflecting back at being young, we knew little, then as we get older, we knew better.  There is only one you. ​ As a baby, we depend on our parents and others for everything that we needed to live, such as food, care, and love.  We all started our life with a need for help from other, until we learn how to walk on our own.  We can't do it without others.  As you go through life, you will begin to set many goals for yourself, just as when you were a young learning how to read and write.  The goals became harder like skating or riding a bike, and even these days.   As children the books we read about a family, there was a father, mother, and children.  The story of Goldilocks and the three bears is a classic, that had a Mama and Papa Bear  who protected the home and the baby bear.  It was our first exposure of what is a family should be like.  We all have fond memory of childhood that we treasure. 

There are things that everyone can remember from childhood, that they will never forget.   The things like riding a bike, to the first Barbie doll can hold so much happiness.  Everyone has favorite food and places that they loved as children.

Everyone can remember things from childhood, that they will never forget from toys to friends.   The things like riding a bike, to the first Barbie doll can hold so much happiness.  Everyone has favorite food and places that they loved as children.  Now that you are older, do you still love the same things  that brought you joy? 

childhood memories

Some of the favorite foods

Most young children love spaghetti, pizza, and macaroni and cheese.

childhood memories

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