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This website is soul purpose is for Motivation and Inspiration

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​​"Your heart will lead you to have compassion for others."

Don't be heartless.

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Giving is Love

I want to give, we all should give back, love, dreams, and hope.

Somewhere in life, your heart will lead you to have compassion for others. I help many.   

giving love

It is sad to see so many people living out of the street because of the high price of housing.  The jobs and income are limited so you may not have enough to cover the cost.  After the expense of housing, there is little left to manage of household of two let alone the family of four. These days most people are just holding on to the little they have in order not to be on the street.  We are all one paycheck away from being homeless.  

giving is love
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giving is love
giving is love
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It is go to be you.

Think about our senior, they need help, they are us in the future.  No one is exempted from getting older.  Who is willing to help them, or you?  That is one way to give back.  If you feel as if you have been given much in life, consider what you can do the help other in return.  

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giving is love

Have you ever consider volunteering during your free time?  It can be rewarding, doing things for others.  If not the next best way to help others is to donate.  By helping others can be rewarding, who will be grateful for your help. Be a blessing for someone.

Government resources that can help:

Department of Health and Human Services

United States Social Security Administration

California Department of Development

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What can you do to help others?

It is about putting on our best even with little money.

If you struggle with life's issues or know someone who is, pass this site on: This Magazine, provides short stories that can get better.  This magazine sole purpose is to motivate personal change, and in no way can replace the help you will get from an professional.

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I think about issues or things in life, then I Tweet.

It could be you.

By helping others you help yourself, we can have growth, learn, and get experiences from others.  We all need to work for the good. 

It can happen to you.

​​What about you? ​Are you willing to help others?
giving is love

Please Donate, it will be greatly appreciated.

Compassion For Others

Positive brings Positive thoughts

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I never thought about helping the homeless, until one day after church, I was asked.  If you knew all the things I am doing daily, you would wonder how I have the time.  

If you knew all the things I am doing daily, you would wonder how I have the time.  Since I starting helping the homeless ministry at church, each month I go with them to passing out food and clothing to people living on the street.  It my way of giving back all the blessing God has give me.  I try to assist in whatever is asked of me in order to help out, including donating.  It is eye opening to realize how blessed you are.  

We all can give someone a hand, in order to help them, or take the time in order to assist.  It is about what you do unconditionally for others.  Obviously, we all can spare a glass of water, or even help a person up from off the ground, just like the good Samaritan in the bible.  There are other things that may require more than just a hand, some things require your time or your money.  When you volunteer, you may have to give up a little time.  A visit to someone who needs help may take more than a few minutes.  

Giving is love for others, it is your heart opening for someone else.

Some will always do a little more; their are those who have compassion for the animals, the earth, and everything around us. 

Many believe that by helping others, it is a Godly thing to do. 

There are those who feel what you give, you will get back. 

For some helping is second nature, and will help whenever they can.

​Sometimes it is not just about you.  You have to be willing to give as much as you want to receive. ​

"I want to inspire you to feel something for your life."

ivysmemorymakers, open up your heart, love of people

Things will happen as we go through life, We Just Have To Keep On Moving Forward.  What's Next?

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