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As Time Goes



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Words For The Day 
I think about issues or things in life, then I Tweet.

How many ways can you listen to music these day?  With so many ways for new artist and music to be introduces. 


As the body grows each day, so does the mind.  We need to do accordingly, and do better.  What have you done that is different because of your growth in knowledge?

Nothing stays the same.  We need knowledge to compete.​

Does anyone own a typewriter anymore?

Can you use a record player?
Could you manage without the Internet, cable, or your precious cell phone? 
How much longer before all the school text books are history?


Educated yourself, prepare to grow. 

Do you know someone who has an old phone or cell phone that they just can't part with?   Everyone is into smart phones now, but there are a few people who just don't want the latest or greatest produce. They feel as long as they can dial out on it, why worry that they cannot access Facebook, My Space, or Instagram.  They say they only want to take to a live person, instead of tweet them. They say why worry about email, when they have a hard time with voice mail. 


As Time Goes On

From Phones to Computer it's a new day.

The cellphone is one things that has exceed most of all.  You can communicate, listen to music, take pictures, play games, and much more.

The television went from black and white, to color. It went from a box screen to flat screen. In the beginning from only a couple of channels, to hundreds to channels.  

information Age

When I graduated high school, I went to Junior College.  The tuition was free for the resident.  People are still attending junior college even with the fee they charge per unit.  College is still important in many ways.


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 There is proof of growth in the world all around us.  Start with the plants, that start with a seed being put in the ground, then growing and bloom into a beautiful flower.  As time goes on there is more changes and improvement in everything.  Each day some of the things that we use, from the telephone to the car we drive is proof that nothing stays the same.  When I was young, I remember getting up on Saturday morning to watch cartoons on one of three television channels.  These days, television is on twenty-four hours a day, with no limit to the types of shows.  Now during this generation, we can stay up all night watching television and doing things on the computer, the Internet, or cell phones. When I started my Facebook page I was surprised by all the old shows and people from the past, on the "Like" section. The people and things that are memories from my past, it does not seem like that long ago.  

I was told that I did not have any that was happenings on my website, but what is being considered "hip" or "in" today, maybe tomorrow's memories.  If middle-age is the "Old School", what do we call this new generation?  We have a generation x and y, what's next z is the end of the alphabet?  What is happening today? 

by Ivy Lynns

If you struggle with life's issues or know someone who is, pass this site on: This Magazine, provides short stories that can get better.  This magazine sole purpose is to motivate personal change, and in no way can replace the help you will get from an professional.

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