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I think about issues or things in life, then I Tweet.
health & relaxation, life

Something you can do that is easy is to take a walk, away from where you are at the moment.  


Listen to music can sooth your mine. 

Yoga is a way to release pressure from parts of you body. 

It is important to relax, in order to enjoy life more.

What will help you to relax?

You are a child who then grows and will take on so many responsibilities.  The wife, mother, the co-worker, the boss, the bread winner, the supportive team.  Woman health is important because, we are doing more each day.  There will be other who will depend on us to come through for them. 

Think About

Your Health and Relaxation

How healthy is your heart?  We can't take our health.  We need to relax at times.

health & relaxation, life

Issues that will affect our health and well-being

Make some things part of your life​

What would it take for you to be happy for the rest of your life?  Separate the bad parts of your life or an issue from the good parts, then you know where you need to start to make a change.  What are the things that you can change?

 Another New Year Resolution

Each year many people will put on their list for the New Year resolution to lose weight.  However, there are a few things that I found out years ago, that you have to changed your attitudes about dieting in order for it to be  accomplish. 

 To say the word diet is almost like setting yourself up for failure.  Everyone around you will watch you from that moment on. Who wants that pressure?  Of course then you have to examine the food they are eating also.  Here is a suggestion start by not saying that I am on a  diet, instead say I am cutting back on my intake and exercise to lose a few pounds.  

Something else you can do is join a group in order to get support, but remember it still has to be about you and your goal.

Last thing, which is very important, you have to start when you are in the right frame of mind.  There is a reason that they recommend you see a doctor before you start a diet.  A change of intake can change your entire attitude about everything and everyone around you.     

health & relaxation, life
health & relaxation, life

What is I am every woman?

Breathe in, get away to some place nice and quiet.

health & Relaxation

What are the things in life that bring you up? 

  • Good News
  • Sleep
  • Relaxing
  • Family or friend's
  • Enjoyment

What are the things in life that bring you down?

  • Bad News

  • Pressure at work

  • Tired

  • Money Troubles

  • Lose
  • Relationship or family issues

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