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I wanted to be...    

want to be

If you want to be an actor or actress, it will require some training to act and may take years of working at the craft.  That applies if you want to be a doctor or law to everything in life.  You shouldn't plan to be an actor or actress if you are not willing to put in the years of work.  When you examine your life what have you trained for?  

We all have to take responsibility for our situation, at some point in life.  The things that you did, or did not do for yourself, can make your life feel hard.    

As you go through life, you as many of us will never get a chance to do half the things that you would have liked to do.  In fact, most of us have no goals or plans for what we would like to do in our lives.  Later on, we can feel as if we were cheated because things have not gone our way.  We can get disappointed in everything, even ourselves.   ​

As time goes on that is something in which more important to use all.  To have plans for what we want in life is only part to the issue, we also need to have any expectation that we set for ourselves.  If we don't then we will go through life, letting many opportunities past us by.  The chance to go to college, and get a better job are just a couple of things that we should have a plan for, and how we going to get these things done?  We may fail many times in our lifetime, and get disappointed by the could have, would have, and should have in life.  Don't continue to let yourself down.


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