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ivysmemorymakers, open up your heart, love of people

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I think about issues or things in life, then I Tweet.

Memories (The Past)

We all have memories from different parts of our life that we hold on to and treasure as being the best.  The joy that a family brings, playing when we were young, having many experiences with friends.  That first love, the job, or something special, many of us can remember things like these from the past.    Completing school, or leaving people behind as you move on in life is has it own special place in your memories.  There are good memories and some bad from the past.

Unfortunately, memories of our life can become grey with time as we start to lose sight of the past, and look forward to the future.  It can affect how we deal with life today and the choices we make.  Such as when you hear a story, it can affect us deeply in the heart if we can relate to it in any way.  There is the news story and personal issues that happen which can change our thoughts.  The sadness, just like the happiness of the  over-all story can  reach us somewhere in a memory.  Use your memories to strengthen you and better to build new ones for your future.  Don't stay in the grey areas. 

We have to be about to keep up with the times.  I know I have missed out on a lot, by not keeping up with the times.  In the next this generation no one has to miss a thing with social media.

memories of the past

Many people have a song that they know every word to?

Is there a movie that you will never forget?

Most young children do not vision for their future, until the time comes to graduate from high school and sometimes not even then.  They are just like we were at that age happy about the present and filled with hopes for the future.  

They are still in the moment, not prepare for all the things that make up are lives.  The choices that even a young child makes can affect their lives later. 

With some of us even as adults, we are not prepared for life, and what it will take to be happy and successful.  We are in the moment of each day, not planning and thinking about the future.  However, time does going on; the future will be facing you sooner than you think. 


I remember other things that not so great , like being terminated from my job, after I worked hard on it.  Sitting in hospital with someone I  knew might not make it.

These things, that can effect you like a song, that makes you cry, as if it was a song to you.  We hold on to so many memories through our live.  Motivation or inspiration can help you as we go through these difficult times in life.  They can also be a driving force to help you move forward.

memories of the past

Grey with Life's Memories 

memories of the past
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