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ivysmemorymakers, open up your heart, love of people

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Words For The Day 
I think about issues or things in life, then I Tweet.

They call it, "Old School​".

Old School is a reflection of a time and the things from that error, from the past, that can still be enjoyed today. We still in enjoy a lot of the music from back in that error, and some styles. This error was a great source of motivation and inspiration for many.  

It was a relaxing time when people would kick back and enjoy the moment.  The music from the past is still enjoyed today because of the memories that it brings.  Music has changed over the years so has our lifestyle.  I remember being surprised the first time I heard a rap on an old school radio channel.  The way we listen to music is one of the biggest changes.  Some of the music of today is nothing compared to what we use to listen to from back in the days.  Of course, there are many choices of music these days, however, there is nothing like old school classic.

The shows about back in the old days, like Happy Days, Good Times, the simple happy families shows that we use to watch are gone.  They have been replaced with shows that have a new type of family that has lots of issues.

We didn't have to buy our pants with holes in them we would make our own, but an accident, or cutting them up to ourselves.

There was that period of time when I thought they would never make another drama, now that is considered an old school with all the different types of shows to choose from.  


Back in the days the family would just get in the car and ride.  Gone are the kickback days, where we would just sit out on the porch with friends. 

A family today spent a lot of money to have fun.

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Old school Simple:  Who wants to take a ride? 

What is the best old school music? Everyone has a song.

Some of the shows I love are SyFy shows many years ago like Star Trek, all the different one through the years.  Of course, there have been others shows over the years, such as Hero, and now I like Blacklist and Under the Dome. They don't have as many Syfy shows as they are us to, or maybe with all the channels to choose from it is hard to find them. 

I watched everyone of the StarTrek television series.  There are a lot of other shows that have not been reproduced from the past. 

So many things branch off from Old School like some of the televison shows.  ​

There have been a lot of changes over the last few years.  Some of the things from old days I miss.

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