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In the story of the Emperor New Clothes, everyone knew he was not wearing clothing.  They smiled and agreed with him that his new clothes were great.  He trusted them, but it took an unknown child to tell him the truth.   

He said he would help, trust him.  You consider him as reliable believed he would be there for you, however when the time came you were alone.  

Who are the people that you trust?  Sure you trust a doctor or a police officer, you depend on them to do their job.  A mailman job is to deliver the mail, many professionals do the job that they are responsible to do.  However, you can't depend on them to pay your bills, take care of your family, or do your job for us.  That is your responsibility, others trust and depend on you.  We trust and have trust in certain people.  

Trust is lost when someone doesn't do what they are depended on to do, you expect your check on payday.  ​Let's face it, some say that they will do, however they may not.  

You have to trust that the people who will be there for you who won't let you down when things take a turn in the wrong direction.  It is like living with the glass have full, when you depend on someone who will not be there for you.  Don't put your trust and confidence in someone who cannot do what you need to be done.  That applies to everything that you do in life.  

We base relationships and married on trust.  When we're young it was our mother and father, then there were many people in life that we trusted, such as a friend, other family members.

They will come up with all kinds of reasoning, saying I do not have the time or any money that they can spare.  Some don't even bother to explain themselves for there actions.  What does no time and no money that really mean, if it were you that was the one in need?  You have to trust your own judgment.  

There are some who say they love God, however they forget to thank him for what he has done in their lives.  Let's face it; however, some just won't.  That does not have to be you, be better and see how it feels.  Who do you trust?  For some it is not who we put our trust in.  Obviously, you have to trust someone in order to get things done such your wife, your co-workers.  Then there are others you trust with your life your doctor or dentist.   Then there are people we need for the things we need like the mailman, delivery person, we trust to delivering every day.  We put trust in many places, and people.   

Trust, firm belief, reliable 

face it

Why is it that we are putting our trust in the wrong place?

Patricia, aka Ms Inspiration

our trust
our trust

Our Trust.

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