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The movie, "It's a Wonderful Life," is a story of a man who was disappointed about events in his life.  He had wonder if his existence had value.  An Angel is sent to show him what his life would be like if he had not been born.  By reflecting on his life, he was able to see all the good he had done for others.   

We all can relate times in our lives where we are in life.  We get to a point in life where it can feel like you are just there.  However,  each thing we do marks a path to a wonderful life. 


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The Wonderful Life

We know what a great days; the enjoyment of a good meal, the pleasure of a peaceful moment, but what is a wonderful life?​

wonderful life

When we meet that special person, our world can become great, even though it may take some time and energy. Having special people around you allows you to laugh, enjoy, and live and make great memories.

Things will happen as we go through life, We Just Have To Keep On Moving Forward.  What's Next?

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​​​​​​​​​​​Can we have the life that we want, a wonderful life?  There are movies and songs, that entail the wonderful life, but what is it really.  I watch some of the reality shows occasionally based on people's real life.  Sure they may have money and do the things that many of us would love to do, however, the great American family that we want to see does not have a lot of money.  I have never seen one's reality show similar to what we use to watching when I was young, or can image as a wonderful life.  I really don't believe that my mother would be constantly drinking with friends as in most of the reality shows.  Most people with families rarely drink or hang out a lot, because of their children.  Your children become your social club when you have them.

Where are the home-cooked meals made by the mother each night?  I don't remember seeing one.  There a none that reflects that type of wonderful life of a mother taking a child to school each day, as I remember mine doing.  On a good day, I am able to remember to put on my lipstick before leaving the house.  I never have time in the morning to put on eyelashes and lots of make-up on in the five minutes that I allow for myself in the morning.  

What is it that could make your life fulfilled and great, does it entail a partner, and children?  Many of us watch television or read a book to get ideas for what we want.  It is a great way to see what is going on, what is on sale, nice ideal for the home and things of interest.  on look at life as straight forward not expecting anything great to happen.  We work, have a family to provide for.  The money that most people make with or without a family is average, some less and more, but for most of us we a wonderful life.  

wonderful life

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As Time Goes



I love celebrating like birthday, holidays, and special events. Everyone has wonderful memories of a few events, that they had or attended.  Giving joy to others can be as wonderful as receiving it.  When we enjoy things it can make our life worth living.

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wonderful life

Words For The Day 
I think about issues or things in life, then I Tweet.

It can be a wonderful life having a job that requires you to travel to many places for a while.  However, many people who have those types of jobs may say something different.  I person in the military, or any job that it is your job, there can be many trials in leaving your family and life to travel constantly.

Take the great things, and add to them. 

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ivysmemorymakers, open up your heart, love of people

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