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ivysmemorymakers, open up your heart, love of people

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You should prepare for the future.​

There has been a story in the news from time to time about some who was pretending to be a professional.  People would pay and trust someone for being professional, however they found out later that is was untrue.  When you look at an ad for employment, would you apply even without training?  Most of us would not even consider it.  If you need a doctor, you would want him to be licensed.  That applies to any professional that you hire.  A doctor would never tell a professional dancer how to dance.  To become a doctor it requires year of training, that applies to becoming any kind of professional.  I would never pretend that I know how to do surgery on a person, nor would I get up on a stage without a single lesson.  People say I know how to do a job, however, would you depend on someone to fix your car without knowing their work?  You should want to be a professional when it your job at state, and keep high standards in your life.  

I am taking a class on marketing even though I have a degree in business, and I have worked in business for years.  In college, I am sure one of the classes was marketing.  However, the things I am learning now are all new to me.

In fact, last night while in class, we were discussing what is marketing as a small group.  One of the people in my group, kept rejecting all my thoughts.  She made it seem as if I did not know what I was talking about.  Even though, I had read up on marketing just before class started.  I like to be prepared.  In fact, I was looking it up while we were in the class, and she still went another way.

I am working on five different business ideals.  I don't know which business ideals will sell; that is where marketing comes in.  I have five different business ideas, but it only takes one to be successful.  If you consider yourself a professional because you have worked a job for years, or because you have a degree, think again.  Things are happening everyday there are changes; the advancement can make you feel as though you know nothing.  The class has some young and older  students, who own or will own a business.  We all have the same goal to learn what are the best ideals, out there.  You would not even invest in a professional and not get the best results.

What you don't know about there are ways to find out.  Business 101, know your product market.  That is  what I hope to achieve from the class.

Do you want to be prepared to take your life to the next level?  To be your own boss, or a professional you have to learn and know what is going on right now.​

Can you do the job of the professional?

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