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This website is soul purpose is for Motivation and Inspiration

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"I want to inspire you to feel something for your life."

ivysmemorymakers, open up your heart, love of people

Things will happen as we go through life, We Just Have To Keep On Moving Forward.  What's Next?

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It is about putting on our best even with little money.

If you struggle with life's issues or know someone who is, pass this site on: This Magazine, provides short stories that can get better.  This magazine sole purpose is to motivate personal change, and in no way can replace the help you will get from an professional.

Want to help others to make the Memories happen?

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Words For The Day 
I think about issues or things in life, then I Tweet.
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You are the maker of the choices for your life.  Everything you do has an effect on it.

The Memories:  Good, Bad, and Unforgettable

What is your motivation or inspiration for life?  For most of us it the same love, happiness, joy, and the desire to do better.  We see things like a movie, a picture, or hear a song that can bring an image in our mind that is unfair.  A lot of people are driven by different thoughts that they hold on to through time. 

Are you holding on to a good memory or a bad one?    Your life, time goes on, change, and the future can improve.  Where you are now and where you want to be in life depends on the things you do now, you have to make great memories.   

Life Memories means should be 
​Growth and  Progress.

A tree grows from a seed, the branches grow up and out in many directions.  We started as a seed, grew, and branch out in many directions.  ​Where your growth? Do you know the directions that you are heading in life? 

Our memories are branches from life experience in many directions up and out. The memories and stories that go with the different parts of life, and you are in it.  (Click the parts):

We are Born into Life.
We Move forward As Time Goes On.
We Grow through Change.
We make choices for The Future.

The memories and stories that go with the different parts of life, and you are in it.  Click on the different topics, think about your life past, present and future.  What will you go through?  We grow with Life's experiences through the times.

Your Life Tells A Story, so make it a good one. 

The memories are your stories being written with everything you do, including the many issues along the way.
"When I was going through issues in my life, I would post positive pictures and phrases, all around me.  It was a way for me to stay motivated and inspired to move forward." 

Don't lose your motivation because we all will go through issues in every part of life.  Good thoughts can help you to do better in every part of life.   
Welcome to Ivy's Memory Makers, an online magazine to reflect personal life choices.  The stories are to encourage positive thoughts on different subjects. 
Examine yourself, you can do better.  You will see the world in a different light with motivation and inspiration.      

The Challenge

Are you searching for solutions to issues you have in Life?  Many of us will have them at some point.  How can you turn a negative into a positive?

Every challenge that you overcome is like taking the wheel in your life. You can by choice do better in life.  Are you ready?

Choosing the right road to success is important in every part of life. 
What direction will you go?  You have to think about your past, present, and future.  
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How long will you be going down the same road? Challenge Yourself with the things you can do daily.

I love making memories of a lifetime. 


Choosing the right road, challenge, searching
Ivy's Memory Makers

​​​This magazine sole purpose is to motivate personal change. 

ivysmemorymakers, open up your heart, love of people

Think about your chooses, are you prepared to move on in your life?

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